We don’t listen to every song out there, but if you have any recommendations or requests you can comment below. It can be single or an album and one of the writers will take it into consideration. The list stops at four and then will be reopened once the reviews have been posted.


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  • chukuma

    I love this blog you have put together and love the variety of music you have reviewed. Can we be affiliates?

  • I added you to my Affiliates list.

  • I’d like to know what you think on any Shiina Ringo album. Preferably Sanmon Gossip or Shouso Strip.

    • The review will be posted later today. Sorry to keep you waiting, I had to get my thoughts together for the album

  • Nana

    Hello ^^

    I’d like to request a review for 4Minute’s single album Heart To Heart which has been released 2 days ago.
    This isn’t the full album we’ve been expecting,it’s the reversed version of the upcoming full length album,STEAL20,to be released in April.

    Thanks ;D

    • Anonymous

      Great! I’ll have the review up by Friday 🙂

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