EP/Mini Album/ Mixtape


SNSD/Girl’s Generation made their Korean comeback since that mash-up single ‘I Got A Boy‘ with Mr.Mr.
Ailee A's Doll House

Ailee A’s Doll House

So Ailee is back with her mini album ‘A’s Doll House’, which is available on iTunes, and it is something else! U & I is a great opener for the mini album. This track is funky with lots of R&B/Soul influence. I’m really loving the horns in this song; it definitely gives this song a...
MBLAQ Mona Lisa

MBLAQ Mona Lisa

Since the release of their single ‘Cry’, last year,I’ve had my eye on MBLAQ because they just keep getting better and better both music wise and image wise. They know what works with their voices and can now start playing around with different sounds, like they did with this mini album.
Han SoA Permeate

Han SoA Permeate

I was recommended her album from Luminosity and it is a total knockout; I recommend this for anyone who wants light, spring time-y music.

8eight 8eight

So last week[when Joo hee originally released a video of her dancing] and there were comments like ‘they should do dance music’ and I’m sitting here like – pardon my French – he-fucking-llo! They released validation period and I felt like I was in a small group of fans who actually liked that song. Anyways...
Teen Top ROMAN

Teen Top ROMAN

Well I was obsessed with Supa Luv for like a few months and I was excited to see what their new sound would be for their comeback. Although one of the teaser pictures was quite shocking, I’m glad they aren’t running around in boxers and heels.
Eye to Eye  Eye To Eye

Eye to Eye Eye To Eye

New Korean trio, Eye to Eye stepped onto the scene with help from their seniors Brown Eyed Soul. Their style is very Big Mama/ female counterpart of Brown Eyed Soul; just what you’d expect from them.
Lyn  Metro Sexy 7

Lyn Metro Sexy 7

I absolutely love Lyn’s voice; it’s like so sweet and rich. She released her mini album Part: Metro Sexy today, so I thought while listening on Jenpoo, I could write a quick review.

Hyunah Bubble Pop!

I cant say I’m hyuna’s biggest fan, but her music Is enjoyable.

Hwayobi reborn

Hwayobi’s been pretty quiet interns of major releases since her mini album a woman like me. She was featured on illinit’s track Lost

Dalmation 1st mini album

I remember when Dalamtion debuted with the really corny spots. I’m glad they took a break to perfect their theme and sound. I enjoyed listening to their EP, I just never got around to reviewing it. Upon request, I am writing this Enjoy !

Block B Do U Wanna B?

I heard all the hype about this group, but I nenver got around to actually listening to any of their music. One of my favorite readers/ commenters aznsaranghae requested that I review this, so I will! Block B is a new 7 member boy band created by Cho PD. This group is a bit like...