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Hwayobi Vol.3 Because I Love You

I had so many potential posts saved as drafts from last year. I meant to publish this is November 5,2010! Can you believe that? Well, at the time I was tired of listening to the same thing all the time, so I just took a break from my go-to genre, R&B.

So I had some free time after school and that’s why there’s like a huge load of reviews being published today. I hope you enjoy my review of Hwayobi’s third studio album, Because I Love You released in 2002. Continue reading Hwayobi Vol.3 Because I Love You

Winterplay Touche Mon Amour

Winterplay bring all the snazzy jazz from Hot Summerplay to Touche Mon Amour, their second studio album, released September 14,2010. So take the synth, and cutesy dancing away and relax to some Winterplay.

Winterplay make jazz mainstream, in a place where the only music that’s well known is synth filled bubblegum pop. With their covers of artist like Norah Jones and Sting, the group take classics and make them their own. Continue reading Winterplay Touche Mon Amour

Shiina Ringo Sanmon Gossip

(*Requested by )I didn’t know who Shiina Ringo was before this so I did what any normal person would do-I Googled her and found that she used to be in a rock/jazz band Tokyo Jihen (translated it means Tokyo Incidents). Sanmon Gossip /Superficial Gossip is Shiina’s fourth album as a solo artist and debuted at #1 with 120,446 units sold.

Continue reading Shiina Ringo Sanmon Gossip

Standing Egg With

Standing Egg releases first album, With

Hello my expressions! 24 days until Christmas and 33 days until contest is over, so sign up! Anway, enough plugging time to get to the artist. I’m starting to listen to more indie artist now and I found Standing Egg through IndiefulROK and immediately fell in love.

Standing Egg is a trio comprised of Clover on vacals and guitar, Hana on the djembe an African drumb and Han Kyul on the double bass. With is the trio’s first full length album. Singer’s,Go Hyun Uk and 3rd Coast’s Han So Hyun. The album is split up by diffirent themes (man,woman, winter). Continue reading Standing Egg With

Gilme Love Actually

Rapper-singer, Gilme finally released her album and I think I was the happiest person. She has so much talent and some say that she’s the next Tasha. Her first full length album includes all the songs from her Love Cuts single,digital single’s ‘Love Is War’ with speed rapper Outsider, Why You and Me with Jung Yeop.Plus, three new tracks: Sorry I Love You with K.Will, XOXO and 미남이시네요 with Lisa.

Since I reviewed her Love Cut’s single, I won’t reciew the tracks again. Read it here. Continue reading Gilme Love Actually