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Hey ! My name is Arie Jai and I am the founder and  main writer for Earcandy Express . I also write for Luminosity, site for under rated Asian artist. I like all types of music, my favorite color is pink and I support under rated artists.

If you need to contact me about anything regarding Earcandy Express  just use the contact form below and I’ll email you promptly!

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I listen to Epik High, Big Bang, 1TYM, Drunken Tiger, Tasha, 2PM, m-flo,Supreme Team, Dynamic Duo, Gil Me,Dok2,Loptimist, Ibaldi, Loveholic, Clazzaiquai, As One,SNSD, Davichi,Brown Eyed Girls, Gavy Nj, Big Mama, Lena Park, K.Will, Hwayobi, Fly to the Sky, Super Junior, BoA, Lee Hyori, Wonder Girls, KARA, SHINee, Se7en, SuHo, DBSK, CSJH the Grace, Bada, S.E.S, Suk Hee, Heum, Lyn, Big Queens, Sun Min, JASMINE,  BoA, Tenjochiki , TVXQ , m-flo,ICONIQ,MiChi,Emyli,Yoshitaka,Koda Kumi,Corrine Bailey Rae, The Fray, The Gazette, Paramore and a million others

  • your blog is very wonderful

  • Lol I just think it’s funny how you put DBSK and TVXQ as two different artists.

    Nice to meet you! I love Kpop – well in general Asian pop as well. I like your posts, and I think it’s very great that you are actually very active (not like me who’s totally lazy about her own blog…. lol) 
    Keep working~ I will read your stuff regularly ^_^  (I wish there’s a subscribe button,,, but this is not wordpress… sigh)

    • Anonymous

      Oh Wow I didn’t even notice that! 

      Nice to meet you too^^ It’s so awesome to get support from new readers:)

  • And by the way I can’t open Saranghae for some reason….. Can you give me a solution?

    • Arie Jai

      I closed it because writing K-pop news and doing reviews was getting to be way too much, so now I just focus on reviews

  • LOVE KPOP music as well, just happened to come by your blog. So far loving wat im reading! So many artist and music i didnt even know about!!!!! lol i think i googled them all and youtubed them hahaah. I got into kpop casue of kdramas. Got a blog about kdrama only now! i know im a dork haha 🙂

    • Arie Jai

      yay! Glad to hear you liked the music selections. I’ll check out your blog too^^

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