Welcome to Earcandy Express! This site is run by Arie J, Abee and NyNy. As avid music fans we write reviews on music we think is interesting, hate or just popular.

Click on each authors name in the drop down tab when you roll your mouse over the ‘About’ button, to learn a little bit about each of us. .Thank You for visiting and comment as much as you want.

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Abee 2011-2012

NyNy 2011-2012

Arie Jai 2011-Present

  • NyNy

    Are you going to be the sole writer for (ECE)?

    • Arie Jai


  • bucebucethecaboose

    I really like this sites layout. It's…warm? I dunno I feel warm when I visit this site LOL. Omg so happy to see MiChi in your banner <33 I'm gonna add you to my blogroll as well ^.^

    • I think the brown background makes it warm and MiChi is love.

  • SpectremanLIVE

    Interesting to find someone so deep into the Korean stuff.  I admire your devotion.

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