Battle of the Bands: After School debut-2010 vs. After School 2011

This is a first; I’m comparing the same group from when they debuted until now.

Well with the graduation of bekah ( I’ll miss you girl) I’m a little iffy on whether I want to stay interested in this group. I loved that after school burst onto the scene with a fierce concept and they had attitude and acted their age with catchy songs. Then during diva UEE was added ( personally she is a waste of space for the music field, she should just do the acting thing since she is decent) and then they released their best single to date ‘because of you’ and that was their best concept EVER. I know I may sound like I’m fangirling but from a general music listener the way they went about executing the song and performances were flawless. After that Raina joined and girl does have a lovely voice but did Pledis bump their heads? Because jungah has a lovely voice and now she gets less than the jooyeon whose vocals aren’t up to par.


NANA joined the group right before promotions for 뱅! ( I dont agree with the decision either because while she can hold a note there are original members who can sing!!! )


Now this year they’ve changed up the scene with tap dancing which is a nice change but have strayed so far from their initial concept ( Pcd) and aremore cutesy. There are enough girl groups being cute and then the sub units (orange caramel) are like trot/cute . I just don’t even have enough words to show how much I don’t like the new members or the changing .

After school circa debut-2010 are clearly the winners

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  • miss_vicky

    um… it’s Lizzy  who has joined them during Bang. ^^ Nana was added along with Raina during Because of You. Then E-young was added later on during Bang. ^^ but i do agree, Because Of You was their best concept and song to this day. It’s like the only song i like a lot. also, i do have to agree that they strayed far from the original concept they debuted with to now. not really into what is being released by the girls, but i’m still interested, currently just into AS Blue more than AS Red.

    • Anonymous

      Oops. I’ll change that. I don’t really like AS blue too much; they sound like Orange Caramel.