[UPDATE]Merry Christmas/Happy New Year CD Giveaway

Hello Earcandy readers! As we are getting closer to Christmas and the end of the year, I think I should thank all the people who even come onto the site and read our reviews. So first I want to say thanks for reading. I added a new cd to the list to replace KARA’s Jumping album and we are shipping internationally now!!!Now if you want to sign up, here’s what you need to do:

1. Become a fan on our Facebook page, leave a comment saying why I should choose you for the contest and subscribe to out YouTube

2. Leave a comment on this post saying that you are a fan on the page. Also include your name, email, and which post was your favorite.

3. Comment on reviews to make the chance of you winning more likely. [Not just ‘Good review’ or ‘I like it’; real comments please 🙂

4. If you have any questions email us at : saranghaekpop@live.com

Just so you don’t think I’m like picking people I know, I will  be using a random counter site that will choose the number for me, if you win, you’ll get an email and we can dicsuss all your information.

  • Note: I can only ship in the U.S. I’m terribly sorry! I’ll have a contest for my birthday (April) for the international readers!

The contest has ended .

CD’s You Could Win:

S.M. the Ballad-Vol.1

Standing Egg-With

Girl’s Generation-Hoot

    Winterplay-Touche Mon Amour

    Hey-Vegetable Love

    Standing Egg-With

    Dia My Story

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  • I’m new to this site and I love this site! XD I just became a fan and i love the post of G-Dragon Heartbreaker!! I love the honest reviews you had for G-Dragon’s Album. I love the song, Heartbreaker!! XD G-Dragon! <3

  • miss_vicky

    Hello! I became a fan and my name is Vicky and my e-mail has already been included so I don’t think I should put it in here again… ^^”
    anyways, favorite post is well, all of them, just became a fan of your page recently, and well so far, I love the Dia Review for her My Story album and the Battle of the Bands for BRIGHT and Tenjochiki, just because I don’t get to find much information on both groups. So thank you very much for that. C:

    • You’re welcome! Enjoy the reviews and good luck

      • miss_vicky

        hehe thank you very much.
        anyways, i was wondering, or assuming, because i’m sure you’re able to find more information and music on artists, then i could ever be.
        could you do a review on Juliet (japanese trio, songs: 23:45, aki love, haru love, fuyu love, natsu love, etc) as well as Tokyo Girls’ Style, um… maybe Cho Shin Sung (Cho Shin Sei) too? if not, it’s okay, but if you’re able to, then that’s awesome. C: Oh and G.NA too and 4Minute. C: lol sorry for the request, you can ignore this post entirely. ^^

        • oh it’s good to get request! I’ll try to review as much as I can before Saturday

  • Its too bad that I’m not from US..
    Anyway,great site and information.Keep working on it!hwaiting!

    • i’m waiting for it!nice!

    • we are shipping internationally now!!!

  • Judy

    Hey, I found your site from Luminosity a few weeks ago have been reading from time to time. I like the reviews on Perfume the most because I don’t really get to hear much about their newer songs. I usually just browse their older music videos on youtube, so thanks for reviewing and giving us news on them!

    • You are welcome! Thanks for coming to the site! 😀

  • coffeeluva

    Hi! I became a fan of your Facebook page and my name is Alexis, I’m from California!
    Your site is actually pretty cool, I don’t know why I didn’t discover it earlier, but now I’ll definitely come back and read over your reviews ^^ My favorite one is probably the review you did with Mardi of Dia’s My Story. I really love Dia and her voice a lot and it’s sad she doesn’t get more attention, but.. (:
    So thanks for this site and giving me news on artists and reviews!

  • chai

    Hello ^^~
    Well, I’ve known this site since the end of last year or so~
    But then my computer died mid way through the year and I totally forgot about the site ㅠ~ㅠ, but now I’m back hehe
    I remember I was trying to look for Japanese singer/ group and stumbled across BRIGHT on this site and I fell in love with them (I’m not really into Japanese girl groups ). Looking forward to Nia, Dia, Ju Bora and Navi reviews!
    luminosity ♥ hehe
    – Beryl~

    • aww thank you! and good luck with the contest

  • as in the case with most people, i found this site through luminosity and have popped in every now and then. and i’m a fan of the facebook page! oh, oh, and i’m madelyn, 17, from malaysia 😀

    i liked the mucho punk review because that album is one of my favourite albums ever.
    it’s my ultimate feel good album and i take it out for a spin whenever i’m in a light mood. lazy sunday morning was my alarm ringtone for close to 6 months, in fact xD

    i really do hope i win. i just about exhausted my album fund this year. but just being able to hold byebyesea’s album in my hands makes it all worth it! ;A;

    (oh, and just curious, why did you replace kara? i’m not a fan of kara, and i’m awfully glad you did it, but i’m just wondering… xD )

    • Hey Madelyn! Thanks for entering the contest 😀 I replaced the KARA CD because I didn’t really like it and …I don’t know I just didn’t want to give whoever wins the contest a not so great cd and I wanted to find more indie artist. Good Luck with the contest