MEG Passport/Paris Single

Before going on her hiatus in Paris, singer/songwriter/fashion designer MEG released her last single with her current record label, the double A-side single Passport/Paris produced by Nakata Yasutaka (who also produces music for Perfume). Both songs are electronic dance tunes. Passport is a cute song with fun lyrics.Paris has an alluring R&B beat. I can really hear the Perfume influence. The Paris remix is more like dance music; something that would be great in a club.


03 PARIS T12X-mix

(MEG -「PASSPORT / PARIS」Regular Edition)

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  • sakurayume

    I liked this single but at the same time it made me sad. Passport had a certain level of finality about it, and the fact that she references several titles of her older songs in the lyrics didn't help the case. I loved the song but it also worries me that it will be a long LONG time before we see MEG again, if we ever see her at all. Yeah, I should probably cut out the pessimism.